Sekonden / The Second (1971)

O_Sekonden_SE Sekonden was PO Enquist’s first novel after his big breakthrough with Legionärerna in 1968. It is mainly about sports and cheating, but almost as much about politics and false lives. The protagonist of the book, the second, is the son of a hammer thrower who caused a scandal in the 40′s when he was revealed to have set a Swedish record with a lighter hammer. The son is now writing a biography of his father which takes him on winding roads to the GDR in the early 70s, just before the East German sports explosion would take place, an explosion that is largely built on cheating in the form of doping, though that was understood only later. Last, but certainly not least, this is the first novel where Enquist uses his own, very personal experiences from his childhood in Hjoggböle.

Press Voices:

”I envy PO Enquist that it was granted to him to write Sekonden.” Torgny Lindgren, Author

International Editions:

Denmark – Samleren 1971

Finland – Werner Söderström 1971

Norway – Gyldendal 1971

The Netherlands – Arbeiderspers 1972

The Netherlands – Ambo/Anthos 2005

Germany – Hanser 1978

France – Actes Sud 1985