Nedstörtad angel/ Downfall (1985)

Per Olov Enquist has called this novel of ”a love story”. It is a description that may seem puzzling. For the book deals with a loveless life, an existence under the worst conditions imaginable. Pasqual Pinon is a monster. He was born with two heads. When we first meet him he is kept in a cave in Mexico. The woman’s head he bears on his forehead like a miner’s lamp is wrapped up in a cloth. But an American impressario has got to know of Pinon’s existence and wishes to exploit him. He is brought from the cave and sent on a tour with a circus with other freaks.

The novel is the story of Pasqual Pinon’s sufferings and humiliation but also about his love. For the woman, whose face he is forced to bear, lives an emotional life of her own in his body. She cannot speak but is capable of express – sing her feelings. In the tormented body of Pasqual Pinon a drama of grace and disgrace is enacted.

Press Voices:

”One of the most important writers in modern Scandinavian literature. The morden master piece of a great author.” Berlingske Tidende

International Editions:

Denmark – Samleren 1985

Great Britain – Quartet 1985

Finland – Tammi 1985

France – Actes Sud 1985

The Netherlands – Spectrum Flint 1985

Norway – Gyldendal 1985

Czech Republic – Odeon 1987

Germany – Hanser 1985

Yugoslavia – Svjetlost 1988, 1990

Vietnam – Hanoi University 1993

Lithuania – Alma Littera 1993

Greece – Govostis 1994

Spain – Ed. de la Torre 1996

Japan – Hikari Magazine 1997

The Faeroe Islands – Sprotin 1997

Russia – Innostrannaya Literatura 2000

Turkey – Iletisim 1999

Romania – Vremea Publs 2003

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