Kartritarna / The Map Makers (1992)


Kartritarna from 1992 is a personal essay in ten chapters, or ten passages from an unfinished life novel, which ends with a boy on a kitchen floor and his map characters.

It is a book about belonging, about Sweden at the settlement of utopia, about Europe after the rain, about sports, about the inner drama of a Danish freedom fighter during the Gestapo interrogation. And in a large chapter, a depiction of a Swedish winter murder: an attempt to explore the transformation of the Swedish self-image after the assassination of Olof Palme.

International Editions:

Denmark – Samleren 1994

Norway – Gyldendal 1994

Finland – Gummerus 1994

Germany – Hanser 1995

Hungary – Nagyvilág 1995 (Målet mot fröken Julie in a