Lewis resa / Lewi’s Journey (2001)

O_Lewis resa SvThis is the story of Lewi Pethrus, the legendary creator of the Swedish Pentecostal movement and one of the great spiritual leaders that both Sweden and the world at large has ever known. He was highly controversial in his day, but is now almost totally forgotten. Who was he, and what did his path to God look like?

P.O. Enquist, himself one of God’s grandchildren, with experience of the revivalist movement, describes in a personal and surprising manner Lewi’s path from a working boy with dreams of becoming a proletarian author, to a spiritual leader well aware of his power. Lewis resa/Lewi’s Journey is a look at the twentieth century through the camera lens of spiritual revivalism.

 Press Voices:

 ”P.O. Enquist’s large fresco fills a gap in the artistic illustration of the modernity movement … a magnificent novel … linguistically sparkling clear, humorous and with that vaguely suggestive charge which is so characteristic of Enquist’s writing … a tale of passion and struggle for power, but also a virtually classic story of the young idealist with two empty hands who creates a world empire … this is the crowning glory of one of the greatest contemporary Swedish writers.”   Svenska Dagbladet

”Thank God for Enquist … brilliant, funny and interesting … Stylistically, the novel is composed like a fugue … the reader becomes completely immersed in the story which is sometimes narrated in the archaic turn of phrase of the preacher, sometimes in the often humorous style of Enquist the journalist, and last but not least with the pungent dialogue of Enquist the dramatist.”   Aftonbladet

Lewis resa is open and generous, humorous and powerful, warm and charming. It embraces and captivates the reader. It is impossible to put aside. It is in fact totally enchanting. Per Olov Enquist’s language is now completely clear, almost naked, defenceless. … Lewis resa is not only Per Olov Enquist’s best, most magnificent and richest novel. It is a literary masterpiece!”   Kvällsposten

Lewis resa is just as much a historical monograph about the Christian revivalist movement in Scandinavia, as it is a work of fiction … P.O. Enquist now relates the whole of Swedish early 20th century history with the emphasis on the Pentecostal movement … Here, Enquist has a superb grasp of society from the top to the bottom … It is a warm and a loving book …” Expressen

Lewis resa is as temperamental and as varied in tone as an old foot operated organ in a northern Swedish chapel. It makes all manner of noises yet still can manage the high and clear tones necessary to describe major feats and embarrassing failures. Enquist the organist layers ancient chorales with intricately sculpted essay style, he mixes pious descriptions of traditional life with decadent trills from bourgeois memoirs from the beginning of the last century. And everywhere those difficult questions: What is faith? What is the holiness of man? How has it shaped our society?”  Dagens Nyheter

”Grandiose, sorrowful, fantastic. P.O. Enquist’s large novel is probably his best book ever … a drama, sometimes as compact as a chamber play, other times with the joyous celebration of a prayer meeting. Here are scenes of biblical power and dialogue which makes the wheels of history stop for a few seconds … Enquist’s language has never been so forcefully tempered as here … Lewis resa is another example of a masterpiece from an already much admired author.”   Norrbottens Kuriren

”… inspired, exciting and moving … a completely brilliant book.” Uppsala Nya Tidning

”… a monumental work … He is a master in dramatizing authentic events and making historical persons come alive … with his new novel, P.O. Enquist has given us yet another important segment of the puzzle of the 20th century … the author’s great storytelling talent and his sensual language makes Lewis resa a really enjoyable read, and that means you won’t want to put the book aside until you’ve read all 600 pages of it.” Nordvästra Skånes Tidningar

”It is crammed full of historical references, loving ironies and a turn of language that is beautiful in the way only P.O. Enquist can manage …” Östgöta Correspondenten

”absorbing and powerful”   The Telegraph

International Editions:

Denmark – Samleren 2001

Germany – Hanser 2001

USA – The Overlook Press 2001

Norway – Gyldendal 2001

Iceland – Mál og Menning 2001

The Netherlands – Ambo/Anthos 2001

Italy – Iperborea 2001

Finland – Gummerus 2001

Hungary – Europa 2002

Great Britian – Duckworth 2004

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