Tre pjäser. Magisk cirkel. Tupilak. Maria Stuart / Three Plays. Magic Circle. Tupilak. Mary Stuart (1994)

TRE PJÄSERMagisk cirkel
A play about an invented meeting between the Danish communist, Axel Larsen, a nurse, Elna Hiort-Lorenzen (whose husband, Arne Munch-Petersen, disappeared in Moscow in 1937) and a young man, Henry. The meeting takes place during an evening in 1958 after Axel Larsen has been expelled from the Communist Party. It is a play about dreams, politics and treason both among human beings and within the party.

It premiered at Privatteatret in Denmark, and has been translated into English and German


Senja is a woman who is fascinated by the strange and dangerous medical lawyer, K. He calls Senja repeatedly and insists upon seeing her naked, wrapped only in cellophane. He turns out to be the challenge Senja needs to change her life in this play about a relationship about to dissolve.

Maria Stuart
Mary Stuart is Enquist’s very own interpretation of Schiller’s tragedy. It is a classical and at the same time modern game about the close relation between love and death.