Tribadernas natt/The Night of the Tribades (Play, 1975)

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Tribadernas natt Enquist’s debut play written in 1975, is about August Strindberg and his relation to the women around him, a historical drama in which Enquist takes some liberties, but mainly the play is based on facts. The action takes place in Copenhagen 1889, where Strindberg’s estranged wife, Siri von Essen, her alcoholic lesbian friend, Marie Caroline, and the young actor, Viggo Schiffe, are rehearsing on Strindberg’s newest experimental play “The Stronger”. Tribadernas natt  is a powerful, dramatic play, using much of Strindberg’s own writing. Enquist portrays the complex man and his charged opinions well, convincingly echoing the fire of Strindberg’s own work, and adeptly conveying Strindberg’s often ugly thoughts.

Tribadernas natt made Enquist into one of the most performed Scandinavian playwrights and has enjoyed about 200 productions around the world from Eastern Europe to Broadway including a critical success on Broadway. This play has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Press voices:
”I read engrossed and touched, as if I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen: that the marriage will crack, the cancer put an end to the life. / …/ The collection becomes, of course, Enquist texts in their own right. Not just as valuable reading, but also as an Enquist study. It clarifies the strong themes and images that bind Enquist’s own work so closely and tightly together.” Dagens Nyheter

”The Master about the Master” /…/ ”By not trying to give a coherent overall picture, Enquist succeeds to catch many episodes in Strindberg’s life better than any biographer has managed, at least it feels that way, and if there is something that is important when you want to capture our greatest writer, it’s feeling.” Upsala Nya Tidning