Magnetisörens femte vinter / The Magnetist’s Fifth Winter (1964)

O_Magnetisörens femte_SE

Is he an impostor, the peculiar magnetist Friedrich Meisner, or is he a man of marvelous gifts – or maybe both?

A German magnetist and doctor named Meisner arrives in Seefond in the autumn of 1793. In the town lives a doctor together with his blind daughter. The magnetist claims that he can cure blindness, and persuades the doctor to let him treat the girl. The treatment is successful and Meisner starts a clinic in the town, but all is not as it should be.

International Editions:

Germany – Erdmann 1966, Hanser 2001

Denmark – Samleren 1969, (paperback 1999)

Finland – Werner Söderström 1970

Estonia – Eesti Raamat 1975

France – Flammarion 1975,Actes Sud 1999

Poland – Poznanskie 1977

Latvia – Liesma 1988

Great Britain – Quartet 1989

Czech Republic – Brana 1994

Russia – Innostrannaya Literatura 2000

The Netherlands – Ambo/Anthos 2001

Spain – Ed. Destino 2002

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