Doktor Mabuses nya testamente / Dr Mabuses New Testament (with Anders Ehnmark, 1982)

drmabusesThis is the story of detective inspector Kraus’ twelve last days and his death.

It all begins on a summer day in 1988. Kraus, a middle aged man with an artificial eye, a failed career and a slight drinking problem, takes part in a student anniversary at a conference hotel in a small town. The badly lit pool is the scene of the first mysterious death.

Kraus is forced to sober up in the early morning light and start the investigation that will lead him to heart of the Swedish crises. He follows the path of the murderer and discovers the secret that twelve days later will lead to his own death.

International Editions:

Denmark – Samleren 1982

Norway – Gyldendal 1982

Germany – Marion von Schröder 1983