De tre grottornas berg / The Mountain of the Three Caves (2003)

O_De tre grottornas berg SvThis is Per Olov Enquist’s first children’s book – a fantastic debut!

Cousins Mina, Moa, Marcus and Eeya get to follow along with grandpa on an expedition to the Mountain of the Three Caves. If it hadn’t been for Mina’s nightmare about the horrid crocodile, they might never have had the chance to be on Grandpa’s adventurous expedition which very nearly ended in catastrophe. But on the other hand, Mina would perhaps then still have been afraid of crocodiles and they would never have met the wolf cub Maya-Rubert if they hadn’t joined the expedition. Mind you, it was rather dreadful that Grandpa should fall down a cliff and break his leg so that Eeya had to walk through the forest all on her own in order to fetch help.

A dramatic and exciting adventure story, full of humour for adults as well as children. Stina Wirsén has illustrated and designed this pearl of a children’s book.

International Editions:

Spain – Siruela 2004

The Faroe Islands – Föroya Laerarefelag 2004

Taiwan – The Eastern Publ Co 2004

France – Ed La Joie de Lire 2004

Germany – Carl Hanser 2003

The Netherlands – Fontein/Piramide 2003

Norway – Gyldendal 2003

Finland – Tammi 2003

Italy – Feltrinelli 2003

Hungary – Europa 2003

Czech Republic – Albatros 2003

Denmark – Forum 2004

Japan – Asunaro-Shobo 2004

Switzerland - Éditions La Joie de lire 2004

Turkey – Yerdeniz 2004

USA – The Overlook Press 2004

Lithuania – Versus Aureus 2005

Estonia – Hotger 2005

Korea – Moonji Publs

Spain/Catalan – Cruïlla 2006

Croatia – Profil 2009

China – Shanghai 99 Readers 2011

Serbien – Kreativni centar 2014



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