Den tredje grottans hemlighet / The Secret of the Third Cave (2010)

O_Den tredje grottans hemlighet SvMarcus, nine years old, has three great talents: a one-handed applause, standing like a mannequin and crying in the dark. Perhaps these skills will be useful when he and his cousins Mina and Gabriel face what looks like an impossible situation, one that leads to a final showdown with Russian drug smugglers and their black helicopter on top of the Mountain of the Three Caves.

The children are visiting their grandpa’s cabin in Helgeboda, in western Wermlandia, and one day they find a large abandoned tent hidden in the forest by the lakeshore. Something is wrong. They can see the outline of something threatening. A map in a torn copy of the Lithuanian edition of Grandpa’s first children’s book points to the mountain they discovered four years earlier, and to the third cave – inhabited by a bear – that they were never allowed to enter.

Marcus, Gabriel and Mina are forced to set out on a new expedition, accompanied by a now rather sickly grandpa who is mostly a bother. But surprisingly, they gain three friends, three animals who, in the dramatic showdown, stand by their side. It is the bear, the wolf, and the black snake. And last but not least, the incredibly courageous dog Pelle, who finally takes charge of their brave fight.

The Secret of the Third Cave, is a classic adventure told with humor and warmth, as fun to read out loud as it is to read to yourself.

 International Editions:

Germany – Carl Hanser 2010

Denmark – Rosinante 2010

Switzerland – Éditions La Joie de lire 2010

Norway – Gyldendal 2010

The Faroe Islands – Föroya Laerarefelag 2010

Finland – Tammi 2010

The Netherlands – Fontein/Piramide 2011

Italy – Feltrinelli 2011

Hungary – Europa 2011

Croatia – Profil 2011

Spain/Catalan – Cruïlla 2011

China – Shanghai 99 Readers 2011

Spain – Siruela 2013

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