Strindberg. Ett Liv / Strindberg. A Life (1984)


Strindberg, ett liv is the basis for the SVT television series that was broadcasted for the first time in 1985, Enquist himself calls it a television novel.

Enquist portrays Strindberg in the time he lived and how contemporaries saw him; a freethinker who fought to crush the powers and hypocrisy, while his writings echoed worldwide.

August Strindberg is nearly 30 years old when he meets Siri von Essen who is already married. His drama ”Master Olof” has been rejected yet again and he is beginning to doubt his career choice. August’s passionate commitment to the truth and against the contemporary hypocrisy makes him a thorn in the side of the powers. The royal family fears revolution! But then there is the success of his novel The Red Room.

Strindberg’s relationship with Siri is increasingly filled with hatred and jealousy and the breakup is near. In this time of change Strindberg strengthens his worldwide reputation as an author with for example Miss Julie. His harsh social criticism gives him both new friends and enemies. He swears never to remarry, but then he meets the young actress Harriet Bosse.

International Editions:

Denmark – Samleren 1984

Finland – Weilin & Göös 1984

France – Flammarion 1984

The Netherlands – Elsevier 1984

Norway – Aventura 1984

Germany – Luchterhand 1985

Czech Republic – Odeon 1986

Hungary – Europa 1986

Italy – Iperborea 1987

Spain – Salvat Ultramar 1990
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